Southeast ASEAN Scholars Forum: "From Muhammadiyah to the World" Initiated by the Muhammadiyah University of Riau

Riau Muhammadiyah University (UMRI) recently hosted a forum that inspired academic enthusiasm, namely the Southeast ASEAN Scholars Forum with the theme "From Muhammadiyah to the World."  This event was attended by various international scholars, especially from the Southeast Asia region, with the aim of strengthening academic networks and cross-country collaboration.

UMRI Chancellor, Dr.  Saidul Amin, along with the academic community, enthusiastically welcomed the attendees who came from various countries.  In his speech, Dr.  Saidul Amin emphasized the importance of this forum as a platform for exchanging ideas, research and academic experiences that can inspire progress in various fields.

"This forum is the first step to broaden horizons and strengthen collaboration among scholars in Southeast Asia. We hope to make this forum an annual event that is not only limited to the ASEAN region, but also extends to Asia and even the world," said Dr.  Saidul Amin.

This event was filled with various discussion sessions, research presentations, and workshops discussing current issues in various scientific disciplines.  The participants, consisting of academics, researchers and practitioners, had the opportunity to interact and build a wider professional network.

The UMRI academic community also took part in various activities held during the forum.  Their presence shows commitment and enthusiasm to continue learning and contributing to the development of science and technology.

"The spirit of the academics present was very inspiring. We see a lot of potential for collaboration that can be developed from this forum. By sharing knowledge and experience, we can jointly create innovations that are beneficial to the wider community," added Dr.  Saidul Amin.

With the success of holding the Southeast ASEAN Scholars Forum, UMRI hopes to continue to be a pioneer in connecting academics from various countries and making Muhammadiyah a symbol of intellectual revival on the international stage.  This forum is not only an opportunity to share knowledge, but also strengthens ties of brotherhood between scholars in Southeast Asia and the world.

This forum is clear proof that the spirit of collaboration and togetherness in the academic world can bring about significant positive changes.  UMRI is committed to continuing to hold similar activities in the future, opening wider opportunities for international collaboration and creating a greater impact on the global community.